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Nov 15, 2021

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An incredible video of two friends literally building a dream trip around Hokkaido!

In the winter of 2019/20, friends Charlie Wood and Henry Johnson hatched a plan to hit some backcountry spots in Hokkaido. Nothing unusual so far... until the details emerged that the plan was to build their own mini campervan on the back of the legendary Kei trucks that make up the backbone of Japan's vehicle workforce.

11 Uchi FH010004
Handbuilt home in the wilds of Hokkaido

Like all great plans, there were plenty of snags along the way whether it was a last minute rebuild or an unexpected injury but the whole experience was filmed by talented filmmaker Charlie and supported by many local friends and businesses. Enjoy the video below and please follow Charlie and Henry on Instagram to see what they get up to next!

Charlie: @charlie_wood_filmmaker

Henry: @palsjapan

Get the popcorn ready for this awesome video!

You can see more of Charlie's projects on his website by clicking here - we are a big fan of his recent film about skiing in Scotland during the lockdown so be sure to check that out! We've also included some of the best shots from the trip below. Big thumbs up to Charlie and Henry for such an inspiring and uplifting story!

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