Where elegance and nature entwine

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Your home in the prime Hanazono Niseko lands

Discover the extraordinary community of Hanacreek with members only facility Clubhouse, all nestled against the awe-inspiring backdrop of Mount Yotei and Mount Annupuri ski mountain and escape to an exclusive enclave adorned with powder-soft snow, embraced by serene silver birches, the sound of water and lush pine forests.

Hanacreek BED RM 1 house

Set against the striking panorama of Mount Yotei and Mount Annupuri, Hanacreek unveils an extraordinary realm of contemporary luxury, where the refined taste of modern living seamlessly converges with the captivating beauty of the wild.

This bespoke haven, meticulously crafted to your preferences, offers thoughtfully designed residences, each graced with natural private onsen access in an idyllic setting.

Hanacreek redefines the Niseko experience, inviting you to revel in this exclusive enclave of powder-soft snow, silver birch forests, and natural onsens. Immerse in the essence of luxurious living, perfectly tailored for you, in this private creekside oasis.

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Each dwelling seamlessly blends modern design with Japanese aesthetics, crafting warm yet refined living spaces that blend international and local expertise. Bask in unobstructed, panoramic vistas, creating a truly distinctive living experience.

Discover a unique investment treasure in Hanacreek, heightened by the growing popularity of Niseko and the rarity of onsen drilling access. Seize the advantage of close airport proximity and the promise of future Shinkansen high-speed rail connections.

Hanacreek Onsen townhouse

Luxuriate in the exclusive indulgence of Hanacreek's private natural onsens, tapping into the area's most exquisite hot volcanic spring water sources, sculpting an elegant and unparalleled sanctuary.

Select from inviting villas, roomy condominiums and expansive estates, all meticulously designed for mixed-use structures within an exclusive international community enclave, with no foreign ownership restrictions.

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Hanacreek properties for sale


Hanacreek - Onsen Lot 13

Land Hanazono
¥228,000,000 Nikota Realty logo
  • 2,011 sqm
Hanacreek House EXT2 1005 t011

Hanacreek Onsen House: Lot 15

House Hanazono
¥688,000,000 Nisade logo
  • 4
  • 4 +
  • 410 sqm

Hanacreek - Onsen Lot 12

Land Hanazono
¥238,000,000 Nikota Realty logo
  • 2,423 sqm
Hanacreek estate CGI cropped

Hanacreek Onsen Land - Lot 7

Land Hanazono
¥228,000,000 TAIGA logo
  • 1,970 sqm

Hanacreek Niseko - Onsen Townhouse 25C

Apartment Hanazono
¥450,000,000 Nikota Realty logo
  • 3
  • 3
  • 223 sqm

Hanacreek House 16 with Onsen

House Hanazono
¥690,000,000 Nikota Realty logo
  • 4
  • 5
  • 410 sqm
Hanacreek estate CGI cropped jpg

Hanacreek Onsen Land - Lot 20

Land Hanazono
¥188,000,000 TAIGA logo
  • 1,000 sqm

Hanacreek - Onsen Lot 4

Land Hanazono
¥280,000,000 Nikota Realty logo
  • 2,761 sqm

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