Video: Japan - A Story Of A Spring

Apr 08, 2024

Japan A Storyof A Spring

We love going on a search for videos of Japan because we always stumble upon amazing material from passionate travelers or residents of this incredible country. While national and local tourism associations make some cool stuff, it's the true feelings of these personal documentaries that reach out and make us feel Japan, even after all these years of living here.

So check out this awesome short video from Pooja & Shravan below and click here to follow them on instagram!

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This cinematic video is a teaser to their travel series that takes you on a personal journey through the enchanting springtime beauty of Japan! We have captured the vibrant and picturesque scenery of the country, as the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, and the weather warms up. Join us as we explore Tokyo's bustling cityscape, stroll through Kyoto's traditional streets, and marvel at the majestic Mount Fuji. Our videos will capture every detail of Japan's unique culture, from the stunning architecture to the mouthwatering cuisine. This series would be perfect for travel enthusiasts, nature lovers, and anyone looking to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of Japan in the spring.


Hi! We are Pooja & Shravan, an illustrator-engineer duo from Bangalore brought together by the love of travel and adventure.

We have traveled together since the winter of 2016. On one such trip, we started documenting these travels on a humble phone camera. We soon realised that we really enjoy capturing these experiences. We are entirely self taught (students of the internet) and have learnt from binging on brilliant creators over the years.

In our videos you might find glimpses of places that are not spoken about enough. We always vouch for spots that are somewhat the underdogs. Our vlogs are sometimes vlog-ish and sometimes a documentation of the place as we see it. We hope that watching these videos will bring a little dose of joy to your day.

We love reading your comments and hearing your thoughts.

They motivate us and help us steer our creative path.

With love,

Pooja & Shravan

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