Top 10 Must-Visit Onsen in Hokkaido

Mar 11, 2024


Hokkaido has many wonderful attributes including its climate, snowy landscapes, outdoor activities, seafood and dairy products. Its remarkable biodiversity stands out from other areas in Japan due to numerous volcanically active areas such as Asahi-Dake, the Shiretoko Mountain Range, Mount Meakan, Mount Io, and Mount Usu. With this, Hokkaido provides a wealth of hot springs or onsen, from scenic coastlines to evergreen valleys.

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Natural Onsen

One would call Hokkaido a hot spring paradise with some popular hot springs to add to your bucket list!

Jozankei Onsen

Just a few hours from Sapporo, this hot spring boasts natural waters from the Toyohira River that are rich in sodium chloride, best for relieving muscle and nerve pain. It is best to visit during autumn with its picturesque leafy scenery and there are a wide range of hotels to choose from.

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Noboribetsu Onsen

Nestled to the north of Muroran City, this onsen is known for its cloudy white sulfuric waters and thick steam hot springs infused with healthy minerals such as sulfur, iron, radium, and sodium bicarbonate. These minerals are soft on the skin and believed to alleviate chronic skin diseases.

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Visiting this onsen features souvenirs and statues of mythological beings as the water sources come from Jigokudani, known as Hell Valley, formed from the leftovers from an ancient volcanic eruption.

Sounkyo Onsen

One of the largest hot springs in Hokkaido, located at the foot of Daisetsuzan mountain range, this onsen showcases vibrant natural landscapes and outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain-climbing trails, and even a ski-and-snowboarding area in winter. Its water sources are relieving for blood circulation and nerves.

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Yunokawa Onsen

Located in the town of Hakodate, these onsen waters are everyone's favourite due to their accessibility to the city. Waters are composed of sodium chloride and calcium, which are soft and relaxing on the skin.


Kawayu Onsen

This onsen is known for its acidic sulfuric waters that flow directly from Mount Io. It is believed to ease blood circulation and smoothen the skin.

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Toyako Onsen

With a picturesque view of Lake Toya that has earned recognition from the Global Geoparks Network, the flourishing waters are good for healing wounds and relieving blood circulation.

Toya Lake Yotei

Tokachigawa Onsen

Located along the Tokachigawa River this is not your typical mineral hot spring. It features a plant moor water composition with a soft texture that relieves the skin, nerves, and other chronic diseases.

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Akanko Onsen

Situated beside Lake Akan, this onsen is well-recognised for its natural marimo or moss balls and mud infused to reduce pain in the body. Its panoramic views of the lake showcase the true beauty of Japan's nature.


Shikotsuko Onsen

Renowned for its crystal-clear waters, this onsen not only relieves the body, but offers several amenities such as dining options and souvenir shops. Located near the Chitose Airport, this onsen stands out as a major attraction.


Utoro Onsen

A prime location of hot springs that is positioned on the Kuril Volcano Belt. With stunning landscapes, its waters ease the skin and boost the immune system.

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