Who Can Enter Japan At The Moment?

Mar 10, 2022

Volcanic cone Japan Mount Fuji

As of March 1st 2022, select business travellers, researchers and students are now free to enter Japan, and small steps to open up for tourists are being made.

Entry permission to Japan has been granted for people arriving for approved business purposes, as researchers or as international students. Depending on country of origin, arrival test results and vaccination status, quarantine requirements range from seven days home isolation to no quarantine at all. This is a major step in the process to fully open Japan's borders to tourists and is the first time Japan have opened to non-residents since the beginning of the pandemic.

Property owners, whether they own individually or through a company, are now able to come to Japan to inspect their assets although sponsorship by a Japanese company is required and there are restrictions on reasons for travel as well as limits on the number of daily entries still in place.

In further news, the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement on April 6th to announce the easing of entry restrictions for residents of 106 countries. Unfortunately at this stage,that doesn't mean tourists can freely enter.

Most experts opinions suggest that borders will remain closed to tourists until after the Japan Parliamentary Election, which is scheduled for late July this year.

Plenty of time to open up before the winter powder arrives for season 2022/23!


The Japanese yen is at a 5-year low against many foreign currencies, meaning that now is a great time to buy Japanese property from abroad (and a good time to book a hotel stay for next winter too!)

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