The North Face presents: DESCENDANCE

Nov 20, 2023


Dennis Ranalter, widely regarded as one of the premier freeride skiers in the world, is celebrated for his dynamic style and technical prowess, earning him a substantial following and the nickname "D-RAN."

However, beyond the self-assured persona that Dennis embodies on Austria's challenging slopes, he confronts profound issues of identity. Central to his internal conflict is the matter of racial identity and what it signifies to be a person of color in a predominantly white-dominated skiing world.

"Descendance" narrates Dennis's personal odyssey, delving into his introspective journey that scrutinizes his relationship with his racial identity, his inner circle, and fellow skiing enthusiasts.

This expedition takes him from his native valleys in Austria to the vibrant city of Accra in Ghana, highlighting the significance of family ties in the process.

Produced by: Legs of Steel
Directed by: Michael Haunschmidt
Co-Directed by: Mathias Kögel
Executive Producer & Content Developer: Phil Young
Principal Cinematography & Editing by: Michael Haunschmidt & Mathias Kögel
Music & Sound Design: Matthias Müller
Color Grading: Manuel Portschy
Art Direction & Animations: Fabian Fuchs

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