Spring is Coming: Official 2024 Hanami Forecast

Mar 22, 2024

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Sakura season is just a few days and weeks away! Are you planning on your trip to Japan this spring? Deep dive into the complete spring forecast this year.

According to the Japan Meteorological Corporation, cherry blossoms have consistently bloomed at the same time over the past few years with the first ones down south and then gradually moving east and north across Japan.

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In Tokyo, it is anticipated that cherry blossoms will begin to flower on March 23, just a fortnight away, and are projected to reach their full bloom by March 30.

In Kyoto, the onset of cherry blossoms is forecasted for March 23, three days earlier than usual, with peak bloom expected around April 1.

In Osaka, the first blossoms are likely to appear around March 25, and full bloom is predicted for April 2.

Lastly, Hokkaido will witness cherry blossoms later than other regions. In Sapporo, the sakura season is set to commence on May 1, with full bloom expected around May 4.

Spring holds particular significance in the real estate industry. It's a time when nature breathes life into the surroundings, enhancing the appeal of properties across the country. Moreover, this season is the ideal time for property viewings and relocation. As temperatures rise and days become longer, prospective buyers can explore homes and neighbourhoods comfortably.

Spring Yotei Flowers

Here at Uchi, we understand the significance of spring and its impact on the property market. Our curated selection of properties showcases the best of what Japan has to offer. Let us guide you on a journey to discover the beauty of this season, all from the comfort of your future home.

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