Neighbourhood Guide: All about Tokyo

Jan 30, 2024


Nestled in the centre of Japan, Tokyo stands out as a capital city of leisure, business, culture, and much much more. In this neighbourhood guide, we'll discover what makes Tokyo an ideal place to visit and live.

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Capital of Japan

Tokyo is the centre of business, leisure, and government in Japan. As part of the Keihin Industrial Zone, Tokyo has become one of the leading manufacturing stations, employing many citizens. Moreover, Tokyo is the home of the Japanese government and the Imperial Palace lies at the heart of the city. The palace is surrounded by the Marunouchi district on the east, Nagatacho on the west, and Kasumigaseki district on the south.



Its accessible transportation provides convenience and accessibility to move around the country. It is served by a network of electric railways, subways, buses, and highways. This city also includes the high-performing Shinkansen bullet trains to travel to different areas of the country. The Ueno Station transports to northern Japan, while the Shinjuku Station travels from central Honshu and Tokyo’s western suburbs.



Tokyo is the heart of historic shrines, temples, theatres, anime, and many more. It depicts the art and history of Japan, which is featured at the Tokyo National Museum and Ueno Park. Also, several art and science museums are located near the Imperial Palace, where theatrical words are performed regularly, from traditional Kabuki to modern drama, and other Western forms of dance and music.



Different districts in Tokyo showcase distinct landmarks and adventures that many locals and tourists visit.

Asakusa has a unique blend of traditional and modern culture due to its famous temples and tourist destinations such as Sensoji Temple and the Kaminarimon Gate.


Ginza Six is the home of luxury as the largest shopping complex and most expensive boutiques, restaurants, and coffeehouses


Shibuya is popularly known for its pedestrian crosswalk with its mesmerising flow of people. At night, the city lights add more vibrance from the Izakaya pubs lining the alleys of the city.


Shinjuku is an entertainment district surrounded by various restaurants, pubs, and cafes that are worth visiting. It is also one of the best places to purchase electronic gadgets with its newest and high-technology products.


Tsukiji is the heart of Tokyo’s original fish market. Various small restaurants and cafés serve top-quality sushi and seafood.


Akihabara is the main shopping district for video games, anime, manga, and electronic devices.


Ebisu is one of the desirable districts with its green spaces, outdoor cafes, and izakaya pubs.


Numerous Amazing Restaurants

Whether you’re looking for affordable or expensive restaurants in Japan, you will enjoy various Japanese delicacies you cannot miss. Stumble into a hole-in-the-wall Izakaya or indulge in some Michelin-star sushi, you will never get bored of what is on offer in Tokyo’s bars and restaurants. With the highest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world (even more than Paris!) it is the food capital of the world.


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