Neighbourhood Guide: All about Okinawa

Feb 19, 2024


Okinawa is a unique area that offers a dynamic culture, living, and activities away from the hustle and bustle of city life. From visiting historical sites, exploring nature, and indulging in local cuisines, Okinawa is a fantastic place to live. Click here to search all our Okinawa listings now!

Discover our neighbourhood guide, as we explore this island full of life.

Island Life

Okinawa showcases beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and fascinating rock formations. With its natural beauty being respected, it's no wonder Okinawa provides a slower pace of life with a focus on healthy and sustainable living.

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Okinawan Culture

Japan is generally a relatively homogeneous country. Despite the language barriers and cultural differences, Okinawan culture focuses on an open community and family values. Many locals are welcoming and hospitable as they are heavily influenced by American culture.

In 1952, the United States of America and Japan signed an agreement for the U.S. military to stay after the end of World War II.

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With this, American influences became prominent in restaurants, facilities, and tourist destinations. Locals and tourists would visit Okinawa to experience American culture. As it stimulates a unique way of life, people living on this island grew up bilingual with a diverse culture and respect for each other.

Exceptional cuisine

With a mix of eastern and Western culture, Okinawa provides exceptional cuisines, from its local delicacies to fine dining restaurants and everything in between. Here are some of Okinawa's famous delicacies:

Okinawa Soba

Okinawa soba is popular with many visitors as it contains pork belly, pickled ginger, and fish cake. Many restaurants serve different types of soba with other options, including vegetables and tofu.

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Goya Champuru

Goya champuru is a stir-fried dish that contains goya, Okinawa's bitter melon superfood. Goya is known for providing nutrients to the body and stimulating digestion.

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Taco Rice

A dish of America's influence, taco rice became everyone's favourite with white rice, topped with ground beef, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and salsa. Definitely not Mexican, but pretty good.

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