Japan's Hidden Gems: A Glimpse of Hokkaido's Paradise

Apr 28, 2024

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Known as the largest prefecture in Japan, Hokkaido is different from any other place. Renowned for its majestic natural scenery and historical culture, Hokkaido is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. There are enchanting places you can visit from parks, villages, festivals, hot springs, and many more. Skip the crowded tourist spots and discover the hidden gems of Hokkaido.

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Let's take a look at a glimpse of Hokkaido’s paradise.

Sobetsu Fruit Village

A charming village awaits you this spring at the fruit haven of Sobetsu. This picturesque site boasts a variety of fruits where visitors can pick their favourites to make a delightful drink. From cherries, grapes, peaches, apples, strawberries, you name it and they’ll have it.

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Nopporo Forest Park

If you’re looking for a year-round nature adventure, you can head over to Nopporo Forest Park - Hokkaido’s nature sanctuary of tranquility. This tourist destination covers 2000 hectares of serene nature and beautiful wildlife including foxes, squirrels, and even a Japanese raccoon dog, also known as tanuki. It’s your breath of fresh air away from city life.

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Maruyama Zoo

Experience an immersive wildlife environment with the Maruyama Zoo. This tourist attraction has been admired by locals and tourists alike with its showcase of conserving and supporting wild animals while providing education to visitors.

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Teshikaga Hot Springs

A hidden oasis lies at the heart of the eastern part of Hokkaido. The Teshikaga hot springs offer a relaxing indulgence as they feature magnificent views of natural landscapes and a nourishing hot spring from Mount Io and Mashu. During winter, this is a perfect time to visit to enjoy the warmth of the surrounding snow-capped landscapes.

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Also known as Kamuy-tou, which means “Lake of the Gods”, this crystal-clear emerald blue lake is believed to be a gift from the gods with its crystal-clear emerald blue lake, as its water level mysteriously does not exceed and freeze and there are now rivers flow through. This lake is a must-visit destination to witness the wonder of Hokkaido’s nature.


Sapporo Satoland

This park is the perfect family-friendly place, with a variety of activities including handmade crafts, train rides, a petting zoo, carriage rides, horseback riding, and many more. You can also enjoy the flower fields at the park or have a picnic with your family and friends.

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Rishiri Island

Discover this precious gem by the sea of Japan with its untouched natural beauty, with breathtaking views of Mount Rishiri. Visiting during summer is the perfect time to explore its tranquil environment or during the winter season for a complete snow sanctuary experience.

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Mt. Moiwa

Create new memories with a stunning view of Sapporo’s cityscape and Mt. Moiwa, especially during and after the sunset. Capture the beauty in the mundane of everyday life with a mesmerising scene of Sapporo.

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Find the natural wonder and historical significance at the Cape Soya Museum situated in the northernmost part of Japan. In this museum, visitors can discover the maritime history of Japan, marking the beginning of sea exploration in history. Apart from this, you can seek the meeting point of the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk.

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