Japanese Culture: The World of Manga and Anime

May 01, 2023


Whenever we think of Japan, we definitely have manga (Japanese comics) and anime (Japanese animation) in the centre of our minds. Today manga and anime have become a global phenomenon influencing children and adults and inspiring various establishments and tourist destinations.

Japanese comics consist of various genres targeting all genders and ages, not only for the Japanese market but also across the globe. Some of these themes include adventure, action, romance, science fiction, comedy, sports and even dark subject matters. You name any topic and you’ll find an example of manga about it. Every bookstore and convenience store in Japan has a special section for different mangas people can buy and read. Its malleability has caused widespread popularity for all audiences. Manga features kawaii (cute) characters with oversized eyes and high-pitch voices expressing emotions easily. Some of the popular manga series are AstroBoy, Dragon Ball, Doraemon and Death Note.


The advancement of technology has inspired producers to bring colour and life to manga. Manga developed to become an anime or animated series, bringing movement, sound and life to the previously written publication. Additionally, many J-pop artists have performed theme songs for big anime series providing greater exposure in the market.


One of the most well-recognized anime series with renowned and successful animator Hayao Miyazaki, was Studio Ghibli. Some of his greatest works include Princess Mononoke, My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away. His works won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards. His creations have touched the lives of millions around the world with his unique animation style of characters’ appearances and the progressive personality of protagonists, such as independent women.


Manga and anime's influence has led to several inspired tourist attractions and establishments around Japan. Here’s a list of the popular places you can visit with your family and friends!

  1. Akihabara

  2. Kitakyushu Manga Museum

  3. Pokemon Center

  4. Diver City Tokyo Plaza

  5. Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum

  6. Ghibli Museum

  7. Ghibli Park

  8. Fuji F. Fujio Museum

  9. Manga Cafes

  10. Kyoto International Manga Museum

  11. Maid Cafes

  12. Ishinomori Manga Museum

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