Japanese Culture: Ryokan

Jun 13, 2023


Your not-so-typical hotel experience is here in Japan. Ryokan are Japanese inns embodying traditional lifestyle, hospitality and service. Throughout history, ryokan have been part of Japan’s flourishing culture. The primary ryokan resided on the busy Tokaido Highway between Tokyo and the Imperial Place in Kyoto. They were designed to accommodate travellers and even government officials who need a place to stay as they go on their long journeys. Throughout their stay, the owners of Ryokan ensure their guests are welcomed and given excellent hospitality.


Ryokan truly showcases authenticity at its finest from its traditional Japanese architecture, design and services. Located in most hot spring resorts, ryokan typically feature the following Japanese designs:

low wooden tables
zabuton (sitting cushions)
Screen Shot 2023 06 13 at 1 36 00 PM
futon (sleeping quilts)
agari-kamachi (small area where guest take off their shoes)
shoji (sliding paper doors)
tatami mat flooring (reed floor matting)
tokonoma (ornamental alcove used for placing flower vases and hanging scrolls)
oshiire (closet)
engawa (a glass-enclosed sitting area)

There are various classifications of ryokan, depending on the style, size, and pricing. The average cost would range from 15,000 yen to 25,000 per person and night but can cost hundreds of thousand of yen for the most luxurious ones. Many locals and international travellers book these unique accommodations throughout the year. It’s important to book in advance, especially during holidays and peak seasons.


Truly, Ryokan is the ideal relaxation for your family and friends. From elaborate Japanese cuisine to quality service and amenities, you’ll have a remarkable experience.

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