Japan set to announce restart of visa-free tourist travel

Sep 15, 2022

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Announcement due to be made shortly on the next steps towards full re-opening

It really has been a crazy few weeks for tourism and Japan, but there has been more and more press about the soon-to-be-announced relaxations so we do feel more confidence that it will really happen (this time!).

As a reminder, the main items that are expected to change are:

  • Entry caps (currently 50,000 people a day) will be abolished entirely
  • Restrictions on independent travel will be lifted (currently you need to be on a tour or have your itinerary arranged by a Japanese travel agent who is ultimately responsible for you)
  • Visas will no longer be required for certain countries (currently ALL visitors require a visa)

It is expected that tourists will be required to be fully vaccinated and, of course, to follow all guidelines on etiquette regarding Covid19. Remember that Japan does still require a 7 day isolation if you test positive.

PLEASE NOTE that none of this is confirmed yet. The latest news on Nikkei (click here) also suggest that the relaxations are dependent upon the Covid situation both in Japan and overseas. There is also a hint that visa-free travel might not extend to tourists from all countries who enjoyed it pre-pandemic. So we still suggest holding fire on committing to a holiday until the next announcement.

Coupled with the fact the USD now buys over 144 yen, it is an amazing time to visit and an even better time to invest in Japanese property!

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