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Feb 14, 2023

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Niseko Property is the one of the largest real estate agencies in the greater Niseko region and has a wide variety of listings including bare land, houses, condominiums and commercial properties with prices to suit all budgets.

In addition to listings in the ski resorts, Niseko Property also markets numerous properties in support towns such as Kutchan and Niseko. We sat down with Niseko Property Manager, Grant Mitchell, to find out more about the company and some top tips on purchasing your dream property in Hokkaido.

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Niseko Property Office
Niseko Property's office in central Kutchan Town

About You

What is your background and experience in the real estate market in Japan?

I moved to Hokkaido in 2008 and have been the owner of prominent real estate agencies in Niseko for most of that time.

What’s your ‘story’?

I first moved to Tokyo from my native New Zealand in 1989 and initially worked in English education and then later in the travel sector- owning and operating my own (small) tour company. After a break of five years in New Zealand, my family and I returned to Japan but this time to Hokkaido.

What do you love most about your job in real estate?

My passion is enabling great outcomes for both buyers and sellers. Matching buyers with properties that are perfect for them is particularly satisfying.

What has been your favourite selling experience or greatest project to work on?

The smallest deals are actually the most satisfying, as clients are frequently very grateful to be able to move forward in their lives through a property purchase or sale. It is a real privilege to be part of that process.

What’s the hardest part about your job? And what is the easiest?

Managing client expectations can sometimes be challenging as everyone wants a big win! Easiest? Working in a warm office in winter when real workers are toiling in the snow.

Your Market

Where is the main area of your real estate listings?

Predominantly secondary market. We also pride ourselves on the breadth and depth of our listings- from multi-million dollar properties through to more humble dwellings and blocks of land.

What do you personally love most about your market?

Being a popular international resort, Niseko is always dynamic. Having local support towns nearby also provides welcome down-to-earth perspectives.

What makes your market attractive to investors right now?

Covid artificially slowed down Niseko’s property market but with Japan’s borders open again, pent-up buyer demand has created all the conditions needed for Niseko’s latest property boom.

What is the most exciting thing coming to your market in the near future?

The possibility in the near future of the Winter Olympics being hosted by Sapporo with Niseko holding some events is the biggie, followed by the opening of the bullet train line station in Kutchan. Both will have very positive impacts on Niseko’s real estate market.

Where do the opportunities lie in your market?

Too many to mention really. It’s an incoming tide, so all property types will benefit. I personally think areas on the fringes of the main resorts and property in Kutchan town have substantial potential for capital gain.

What sort of returns can investors expect in your market?

Resort properties max out at around net 2.5% while Kutchan town is up to net 7%.

Kutchan Town
Kutchan Town enjoys stunning views in winter

Post Pandemic

How has the market held up through the pandemic – did you see any changes in price or transaction volume?

Niseko Property handled the pandemic with aplomb. While sales volumes were down compared to previous years, we still made a consistent number of sales. I attribute this is large part to our strength in the secondary market- plus the staunch efforts of our hardworking staff!

What is your outlook now the borders are open?

Pent-up buyer demand and the ability for buyer to view properties in person is already creating a boom in the property market. Prices will jump up as a result.

Do you think the needs and wants of your clients have changed due to the pandemic?

It’s too early to make firm judgements but certainly many clients are now more appreciative of securing property in a less densely populated area. Early indications are that standalone houses are also proving more popular than pre-pandemic.

Your Tips For Investors

What is your top piece of advice to any foreigner investing in Japanese real estate?

Relax. Japan is very open to foreigners purchasing property here and the buying and selling process is simple and transparent. Enjoy the thrill of purchasing in our beautiful corner of the world and welcome!

What should people look for when they consider investing in your market?

I’d advise people to be clear about their objectives and to decide whether they are buying for lifestyle or more investment reasons. If the focus is yielding investment, people should be open to different options- even ones outside Niseko resort locations.

Do you have any properties available now that are particularly unique or exciting?

Numerous! Just check out our listings and contact us.

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