Hokkaido's Culinary Delights

Feb 26, 2024

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Here are just a few mouth-watering dishes in Hokkaido, from the fresh seafood to the tasty miso ramen and so much more.

Nothing completes your winter wonderland adventure in the snowy landscapes of Japan without experiencing its unique gastronomic delights. From Michelin-starred fine dining to the local Hokkaido specialties, resort towns in northern Japan offer more than a powder snow experience.

Hokkaido Ramen: A home of three unique blend ramen styles

Sapporo Ramen: Medium-thick and wavy noodles with either soy sauce or miso soup

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Asahikawa Ramen: Wavy Hokkaido noodles with soy sauce and lard

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Hakodate Ramen: Straight noodles with intense or umami flavour

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Whether you prefer your ramen simple or bold and rich, there’s a style to suit every choice.

Seasonal seafood

Uni (Sea urchin)
One of the favourite seafood options in Hokkaido, sea urchins are prized for their raw, creamy, and rich flavour combined with sushi, soy sauce, and wasabi.

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Often served as sashimi or sushi, scallops in Hokkaido have a sweet and bouncy texture that is also incredible when marinated in oil and grilled on the BBQ.

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A sweet and salty delicacy with a springy texture that goes perfectly with simple lemon, some tabasco of just tartar sauce. Popularly served either raw or deep fried.

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King Crab
There are 4 major varieties of crabs that you can enjoy throughout the season

Red king crab: Known for its large size and sweet meat

Snow crab: Brings a salty and a fibrous texture.

Horsehair crab: Popular for its small but delicately sweet taste.

Blue king crab: A rare gem that comes with a sweeter flavour than the red king crab

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Pacific cod

An affordable winter delicacy best served when marinated to provide extra moisture, tenderness, and light flavor.

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Salmon hotpot

Also known as the Ishikari Nabe, this regional dish is salmon, potatoes, corn, radish, onion, and cabbage cooked in a savoury miso-based broth and a blend of butter flavour for a creamy and rich taste.

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Soup Curry

A vibrant dish filled with curry-flavoured soup, bone chicken, and vegetables.

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Niseko Shuzo's Ezo no Homare

A popular drink during winter, crafted to deliver a perfect combination of its delightful sweet taste and sparkling sensation.

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Must-visit restaurants in Niseko

Niseko is Japan’s most famous resort and it’s not just because of the snow. The culinary scene in this resort in Hokkaido is incredible and a strong reason why people keep coming back. Here are a few must-try restaurants when you visit Niseko!

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Discover bistro-style cuisine with an elegant interior inspired by Hokkaido’s farm architecture. Some of its best dishes include Wagyu beef and crispy duck breast in orange and blackcurrant juice.

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Indulge in traditional Japanese and French-inspired Teppan dishes with premium ingredients, including Wagyu beef, vegetables, abalone, and Hokkaido’s finest seafood.

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Explore Japan’s winter favorite cuisine with a variety of oden delights and cold beers served in a cozy izakaya, a drinking spot served with Japanese delicacies.

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Experience a unique dining culture at the base of Niseko Grand Hirafu ski resort with various dishes such as seasonal seafood, and fresh vegetables from local farms.

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Witness the authentic Omakase dining with the new sister restaurant of Sapporo’s Micheline star Tempura Araki's intimate dining experience showcasing authentic flavours and intricate presentation of seafood, vegetables, and tempura's secrets.

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Enjoy a premium soup curry under a calming atmosphere with fresh vegetables and pristine Japanese soup stock.


Explore authentic and handmade Japanese soba courses with unique delicacies, including simmered, grilled dishes, sashimi, and sushi.

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