Happy International Women's Day!

Mar 08, 2024

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Celebrating Women's Achievements in Ski Jumping

Today we have decided to celebrate the achievements of Japanese women in ski jumping. Last year was a historic moment for Japanese women in the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup, as Yuki Ito, Nozomi Maruyama, and Sara Takanashi secured first, second, and third place, respectively in the recent competition held in Willingen, Germany.

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Leading the charge, 28-year-old Yuki Ito clinched her sixth career victory in the World Cup event, her first triumph since March 2017 in Oslo. With jumps spanning 137 and 135.5 meters in the first and second rounds, she secured a total of 233.3 points, holding onto her lead after the initial round to secure a narrow victory over her fellow competitors.

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Nozomi Maruyama, 24, delivered a breakthrough performance, achieving a personal best finish and standing on the podium for the first time in her career. Despite Sara Takanashi's impressive jump of 137.5 meters, Maruyama's joy was palpable as she celebrated her historic achievement alongside her senior teammates.

Nozomi maruyama of japan competes during the fis ski jumping world cup ljubno 2020 february 23 2020 in ljubno slovenia photo by rok rakunpacific press 2 B198 M0

Furthermore, the trio of Japanese athletes were the sole competitors among 34 to surpass the 130-meter mark in both rounds of the event, highlighting their exceptional skill and determination.

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These women athletes truly inspire us all with their pursuit of excellence on the global stage. We salute all women in different fields for their undeniable talent and perseverance to pursue excellence. Happy International Women's Day!

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