First-ever 'luxurious prison hotel' in Japan, soon to open in spring of 2026

Sep 24, 2023

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The Hoshinoya Nara Prison, set to open in spring 2026, is the first-ever 'prison hotel.'

The former Nara Prison, operational since 1908, closed in 2017 due to ageing infrastructure. In 2022, Hoshino Resorts Inc. announced its transformation into a luxurious hotel, soon to open in 2026.

This unique prison hotel boasts 48 guest rooms, created by combining solitary cells, spanning 10,000 square meters. It also features a restaurant and lounge.

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Additionally, some original prison areas will be preserved as a tourist museum, as the building holds government recognition as a historical and cultural property.

Hoshino Resorts Inc. is set to redefine luxury in the resort industry with this groundbreaking endeavour.

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