Featured Property: Vintage Ryokan On The Beach

Jun 17, 2024

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Embrace the vibrant summer spirit of Japan with this totally unique beach property!

This vintage ryokan, also known as Chikuto Inn and Restaurant, presents an exceptional investment opportunity. Nestled completely on the beach in northern Hyogo prefecture, this property was built in the early years of Japan's empire (Meiji period). It originally served as a modest storage facility for local fishermen. During the Showa period, a magnificent high-end ryokan was established in the building.

The Chikuto Inn and Restaurant held a special place in the hearts of countless visitors since the 1960s, evoking fond summer memories. It gained popularity due to its exquisite cuisine featuring locally sourced crab, attracting affluent guests who arrived via private jets to savour the culinary delights and immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural surroundings.

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Coast of Hyogo Prefecture

Takeno Beach is a popular bathing spot with clear ocean waters, and a stunning coastline and cliffs. During spring, the coast of Hyogo prefecture illuminates with the umi hotaru (sea fireflies) that light up the sea. Apart from this, a famous hot spring resort is only 15 minutes from the ryokan.

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Discover endless possibilities and the promising future of a Vintage Ryokan on the beach.

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