Featured Property: Niseko-Soga Yotei View Land

Jan 09, 2023

Soga 225 1 B1 3

Why this Niseko-Soga land with protected Yotei views ticks all the boxes!

It's always fascinating to hear what people find special about their home or land, but chatting with Keith Rodgers, owner of Niseko based property broker TAIGA, about his own listing was eye-opening. Click here to view his land listing right now or read on to hear what he has to say on why this land caught his eye.

When searching for property in Niseko, the request for Mount Yotei views is always high on the list for buyers. With its iconic shape and the constant dance of clouds across its volcanic face, one quickly feels Yotei’s inevitable allure. Finding land with clear views is not always so easy, whether it be due to surrounding buildings or the potential for more in the future. With the farmer’s fields in the foreground of this land, that is as close a guarantee as one can get - the views totally pop from Soga 225-1, Soga 225-4, and 225-5.

Full disclosure - we own these lots. When the opportunity presented itself, there was no hesitation. Having been in the property business here in Niseko since 2006, we have missed several opportunities that I still kick myself for! I am exceedingly picky, often to a fault, but this one was too good to pass up. Beyond the Yotei views, a number of factors give it the “full package”.

Soga 225 1 Yotei View
Protected views of Mount Yotei are hard to find, but worth the effort!

One of my other hats at TAIGA is curating chalets, and whenever walking a new site I like to imagine the views throughout a year, and also from morning to evening. Often lost in the conversation is the importance of near views, which are crucial in the evening. Let’s face it, most of you are riding the slopes all day, and often only coming home as it gets dark! The forest to the rear of these lots provides a very serene private vista.

Imagine the trees with snow falling serenely, or a riot of green in spring and summery, and finally the Autumn colours right outside your window. Regardless of the season, lit up at night this canvass will make a wonderful backdrop for evening gatherings of family and friends. Lots 225-6 and 225-7 have a quiet forest view across the road as well, and the lack of Yotei views shows in the discounted price.

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Stay at Shion, one of TAIGA's latest projects, to get inspiration for your Soga home!
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For those of you lucky enough to visit in summer, having a farm in front is also quiet pleasure to witness. From seeding and sprouting through to the harvest, the backdrop chances slowly and constantly, and you will feel a languid appreciation for the "Niseko SlowLife”. To the rear is a small stream and government river allowance, giving even more of a buffer from any future neighbours. Mt. Annupuri is visible as well, obliquely from inside a finish house, but fully on display as you drive into the land.

The land is very centrally located, just a short drive to the slopes of Niseko Village and Annupuri Resort, and a similar distance down to the restaurants and shopping of Niseko Town. The value of being on the town road with access to town water is large. No concern about ongoing road maintenance for a private road, or water quality with a well. One of Niseko’s best pursuits in summer is cycling, and this quiet road gives you immediate access to miles and miles of Hokkaido country blacktop, with hardly a traffic light in sight.

Regardless of the season these lots offer a lot of views, privacy, convenience, and proximity!

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Keith ski
Keith Rodgers is the owner of TAIGA and will occasionally answer the phone while riding the lifts in Niseko!

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