Bullet Train Connection to Kutchan

Jul 14, 2022


Fantastic news for trainspotters and powderhounds alike as work continues on the bullet train connection from Tokyo to Sapporo. The shinkansen service is on schedule to be completed by 2030, in time for the Winter Olympics that Sapporo is in the bid process for at the moment... and we all know Japanese trains are always on time!

Set to make life much easier for skiers and boarders traveling to Niseko from Tokyo and Sapporo, the line will run through Kutchan station, the gateway to Niseko United resort.

By the time the line has been completed, it is expected that the Tokyo to Kutchan route will take approximately four and a half hours, making it a viable alternative to air travel as you don't need to change from plane to bus in Sapporo.

The journey from Sapporo to Niseko, that currently takes about 2 hours in winter, will only take 25 minutes. This means you'll be able to enjoy the powder snow during the day and hop on the train to hit the nightlife in Sapporo, catching the last (or first!) train back for another day in the the world's best snow!

We fully expect that land and property prices in Kutchan and nearby areas will continue to rise as the opening of the Shinkansen gets closer! Check out all the properties in Kutchan by clicking here.

Full hokkaido shinkansen map
Hokkaido Shinkansen route
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