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Dec 05, 2022

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Where Can You Find The Best Daily Snow Reports?

It's the most important stat of the day (until you start recalling your best runs over those après-ski beers!)... how much snow is falling? Whether you are in resort and wanting to boast to your friends stuck at home or looking on in eager anticipation of your upcoming trip, we all LOVE to find out how much snow is falling.

Japan is world-famous for the ridiculous volume of snow with resorts from Hokkaido to Honshu regularly recording over 15 metres (or 50 feet) of white fluffy powder over a season. Couple with the fact that most resort towns are only a couple of hundred metres above sea level, it all adds up to epic winter holidays full of powdershots and snowy smiles!

So where should you be looking for the latest and most accurate news?

360niseko snow report 2021 01 20
360 Niseko's reports are pure and simple!


Probably Japan's most famous resort, Niseko receives daily dumps for most of winter and Glen Claydon publishing his snow report each morning (sometimes twice a day when it is really going nuts!). You can check them out on his website here or follow 360 Niseko on Facebook or Instagram to keep right up to date. With almost a metre of snow falling in the first 5 days of December we are keeping a close eye on things here!

Glen also provides photography services in the Niseko area (and further afield) - check out his work at


Just around the corner from Niseko, Rusutsu Resort is another powder haven and luckily you have direct access to a man on the ground if you follow Rusutsu 20-20. Daily posts of actual snowfall plus updates on the lift status and best places to go: follow their Facebook page here.


Hakuba Travel produce some good information from the ground about the latest conditions in the various resorts that make up the Hakuba Valley. You can find the updated snow reports at the bottom of this page as well as live webcams from the mountains and the villages.

Winter 202223 Snow Forecast
Nationwide reporting pages give great information for the whole country

There are two excellent sites giving information for pretty much every resort in Japan. Although not always as up-to-date as the sites above, where locals are putting in their own time and effort to give you the latest news, they are all-encompassing.

So if you are looking for the latest from resorts like Nozawa Onsen, Madarao, Furano, Myoko Kogen, Shiga Kogen, Kiroro... and many many more then check out:

Snow Japan: an excellent site offering accurate and honest information, including plenty of historical data for you to chew over as you pick your next Japan snow holiday! over 3,200 resorts from around Japan are covered by this excellent site. Simply select the prefecture of your destination and find the report and forecast.

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Snow = Happiness

Know any more great local reports? Contact us and we will update the page!

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