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Jun 20, 2023

Furano summer nisade

Furano’s central location makes it a perfect destination year all year round. The main Kitanomine district is dissected by Kitanomine-zaka, which in winter provides the path to the ski hill and in summer is lined with brightly coloured flower beds – making the stroll to one of the area’s restaurants even more pleasant.

Priced significantly lower than Niseko, despite year-on-year increases of circa 10%, land in Furano is still competitively priced, enticing investors and developers to take the plunge into a market that can only grow further.

Furano hokkaido resort
The Kitanomine Ski Hill lit up on a storm night
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The Market

Positioned right in front of the slopes, Intuition Furano land plots or land and house packages are already proving popular following the opening of the brand's flagship hotel and estate, Intuition Niseko, which opened in 2022.

For prime mountainside land, the sub 800,000 JPY per tsubo asking price is extremely reasonable given the growth potential. Prices at the bottom of the hill (600-700m from the mountain) in the commercial zone have been steadily climbing from 100,000 JPY per tsubo 7-10 years ago to 300,000 JPY pre-covid. Now they can command figures of 500,000 JPY+, while mountainside land prices are now as high as 1,000,000 JPY/tsubo.

At the top of the hill Zekkei’s Fenix Furano and Fenix West, just below the popular income-generating guesthouse Pension Snow Crystal. Ressha House, sits on a huge plot of land ready to develop into something only limited by the imagination of an ambitious investor. For those who prioritize serenity, meander a street back to find the Parkside Chalet. Further down the road, Kaku Place is strategically placed making access to both entrances to Furano Ski Hill a breeze as well as being close to the delightful Asahigaoka Park.

Downtown Furano, with all its shops and restaurants yet only 2km from the mountain, is a great location. Other areas to watch in the future are Naka Furano, Kami Furano, Biei and Tomamu.

220609 Intuition Furano Master plan Cropped
Intuition Furano is set to elevate the property market in the town.

The Ultimate Year Round Location

Winter sees average occupancy of around 70-80% and 100% in peak periods as Mother Nature blesses the town with the driest powder that Hokkaido has to offer both on the slopes and in the expansive back country areas. For years, those in the know have been doubling up with a summer visit to their favourite ski resort. It is the only Hokkaido winter resort to generate even higher occupancy rates approximately 90% in the summer – Furano: The magic is real!

Summer brings glorious days with sunny weather perfect for exploring the mountains. Alternatively, enjoy feasting on dishes made from produce freshly picked from Furano’s abundant vegetable fields or sampling the famous Kami-Furano pork all washed down with a crisp glass of local white wine made from grapes in the area’s vineyards.

If you are looking for adventure, take a ropeway to a peak in the Daisetsuzan National Park – Hokkaido's largest and wildest natural area. View the rare wildflowers, take in the mountain fresh air and world-class vistas with a backdrop of gently smoking volcanoes. Then come back down to one of the several rivers and slowly float downstream in the crystal-clear water – perfect for cooling off on a summer’s day

Local restaurants serve the best of Hokkaido’s food as well as excellent takes on Asian and European cuisine. Or fill your shopping bags with ingredients from Furano Marche farmer’s market to grill on the BBQ accompanied by a few bottles of craft beer from the award-winning Hop Kotan brewery.

Experience The Magic

Nisade Real Estate would like to invite you to experience the Furano magic for yourself this summer, with a tailored accommodation and activity package this summer season.  You will be staying at the newly-built Fenix West with a special 30% discount on accommodation and a wide range of activities, including pre-breakfast walks/run, yoga, rafting, excursions to local vineyards, breweries, hikes in the mountains and of course time on the water.

Catered to all, you can come and experience all the magic that Furano has to offer. You will also be accompanied by one of Nisade's local team members who can answer any questions you may have about investing in Furano and help you find the perfect property.

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