10 Best Places to Visit the Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Apr 22, 2023


For centuries, cherry blossoms or sakura have gained popularity among many Japanese and international visitors from across the globe. It is one of the most beautiful flowers that comes alive in Japan from March to April. People gather under the sakura trees for hanami, have a picnic and witness the blooming flowers.

It's time to make the most out of this Spring. Discover the 10 best places to enjoy Japan's Cherry Blossoms so you can experience hanami with your loved ones!

Lake Kawaguchiko

The timeless magnificence of Lake Kawaguchiko can be witnessed all year round, but nothing compares to the blooming cherry blossoms with the picturesque view of Mt. Fuji.


Mount Yoshinoyama

Mt. Yoshiniyama in Yoshino has over 30,000 cherry blossom trees that bloom every spring. The view is something you will never forget.


Philosopher's Path Kyoto

The Philosopher's Path is one of the most popular cherry blossoms that many locals and tourists visit. It runs for over 2 kilometres following the trace of the Lake Biwa Canal. See for yourself!


Kakunodate Akita

Kakunodate Akita, also known as the Samurai District, features huge cherry blossom trees that were believed to be planted by the samurai themselves. Its historical significance and widespread popularity make it a must-visit place!

Kakunodate Akita

Hirosaki Castle

Enjoy the cherry blossoms from every angle, with over 2,600 trees surrounding the 400-year-old Hirosaki Castle.

Hirosake Castle

Himeji Castle

Covered by about 1,000 cherry trees, you can witness the beauty of sakura around the Himeji Castle at the Sannomaru grounds, Senhimebotanen Garden, or Nishnomaru grounds.

Himeji Castle

Osaka Castle Park

One of the most popular places in Osaka, over 4,000 cherry trees bloom in this park, surrounding the stunning castle tower. You can treat your family and friends to an unforgettable hanami experience here!

Osaka Castle Park

Nakameguro Tokyo

Many locals and tourists attend the lively Nakameguro Sakura Festival with the illuminated sakura trees along the waterway and restaurants to enjoy cherry blossom-themed eateries, like the pink champagne!


Kawazu Shizuoka

One of the earliest blooming sakura in Japan, you can witness the pink and white blossoms as early as February, stretching along the Kawazu River.

Kawazu Shizouka

Nijukken Road

Comprising 3,000 cherry trees along the highway, you can enter a magical pathway of spring beauty with an astounding view of the Hidaka mountain range at the end of the road.

Nijukken Road

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