Bali, Indonesia

Villa Puri Angsa

Villa Puri Angsa is a tranquil oasis set back off of the main road in Berawa, Canggu.

$5.5m USD

  • 8 bedrooms
Puri angsa villa 15

Walking distance to Finns Club and some of the top cafe’s in the area. Built with authentic traditional Indonesian wooden structures, Villa Puri Angsa has a great authentic vibe with all the modern amenities that you could hope for.

Sitting on 5,000 sqm of land (3,600 freehold / 1,400 leasehold), Villa Puri Angsa has four amazing standalone bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and an additional four double bedrooms located throughout the property. The grand entrance and living area is an experience unto itself and this property is truly unique in Bali.

Less then 1hr drive from the Bali Airport, Villa Puri Angsa is located in the popular Berawa and Canggu area and yet remains hidden from view. A beautifully designed property with modern amenities, this home sits in the top-tier of properties in the area based on historical quality of the buildings, land size and location.

There are four main bedrooms at Puri Angsa – The Master bedroom, Main Bedroom, Pool Room and the Java House. Each of these have ensuite bathrooms.

The immense master bedroom is located adjacent to the main house overlooking the pool. The “Main Bedroom” is situated just off the large living room and dining area. The “Pool Room” is poolside below the living room area looking out over the massive pool with diving platform. Last but certainly not least the ‘Java House’ is on the far side of the pool in a quiet corner of the garden facing the main house. All have en-suite bathrooms.

Puri angsa villa 17

There are four additional rooms scattered around the property that are simple traditional Indonesian style dwellings with detached bathrooms.

At the entrance to the property sits the “Zen Cottage” which is an air conditioned double bed that has its own separate – detached bathroom. Above the dining/living pavilion is the “Birds Nest”, another air conditioned king single bedroom which shares bathroom facilities with any of the main bedrooms.

On the other side of the pool we have the “Sumatra House” and “Garden hut” set on stilts above the rolling green terrace. The Sumatra House is the larger of the two structures with a queen size bed, and the Garden Hut is set up for a single person occupancy. Both of these rooms share a unique bathroom with a tree growing through the middle. There is also a Cinema room with a 64” inch smart tv next to the pool that can be used as an additional bedroom with a bathroom and shower 10 meters away.

The expansive garden and surrounding areas of Puri Angsa Villa are unique and tranquil.

With various antiques and Indonesian art throughout the villa, you are sure to enjoy the decorations and style of this home.

  • 7 traditional Historical Indonesian Wooden Buildings
  • One of the largest collections of authentic Indonesian Art
  • Over 100 curated and appraised pieces of artwork with origins that span the Indonesian archipelago and historic time periods. (Verified and appraised value of over $600,000 USD)

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