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Heritage Homes

Historical Home Restoration and Real Estate

Heritage Homes Japan is a small team of dedicated professionals passionate about restoring Japan’s beautiful architectural heritage.

The founders of Heritage Homes have over 25 years of experience in sustainable development and heritage building preservation, from restoring 300-year old timber barns in Scandinavia to building off-grid, 5-star bamboo resorts in Bali.

In 2018, we started working with heritage preservation societies in rural Japan and decided to start rescuing some of the large, beautiful timber farmhouses (kominkas) that can be found in various forms all over Japan, the strongest and of the highest quality being in the Japanese Alps in and around Gifu. Sourcing the best of these farmhouses, we then dismantle, restore relocate and re-build them in Niseko, Hakuba, Furano and Hakone amongst other places.

During the pandemic, we decided bring our skills and expertise to Kyoto, where the old shophouses (Machiyas) are a huge part of the very fabric of Kyoto, but are facing the threat of demolition by developers. The small, charming houses make wonderful homes for locals and foreigners alike, and are perennially popular as alternatives to hotels to stay in.

We now have 3 dedicated building teams, with anywhere from 5-10 renovation projects ongoing at any one given time.

Should you choose to purchase and renovate a home from us, we can assure you of the very best service, the highest build quality and fair and transparent prices.

We look forward to being of service!

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